Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thingamajig Thursday!!!

ABOUT ME(as of May 23, 2013):

Hi! I'm "Q", I'm a free-time blogger (the term just popped in my head as I was thinking of a more appropriate term other than a 'blogger' who blogs all the time and a 'part-time blogger’ who’s committed to blogging half of the time). :p TEEHEE. Sooo, you can say I blog just whenever I’m free and inspired so I can write honest and quality reviews and experiences. No strings attached. J I’ve been blogging since high school (around 2nd year in 2006) and have had numerous blogs since the first one. I’d start a blog, and then forget about it. Haha I stumble upon them at times and whenever I do, I’d laugh at all my grammatical errors. Lol I’ve always wanted to write since I was a kid but I never thought of committing to it until it became a powerful tool in advertising and marketing (which by the way, my major is Marketing).

Right now, I have 3 blogs of different subjects so that readers don’t get mixed up. They’re in different hosting sites too so I can compare which one is the easiest to use. My first blog started in 2011 (okay, I started another blog all over again just like all the other blogs I started in high school but this time, I will not forget about it). :p  It’s a personal blog, like a diary or journal where I can dump all my emotions into and some places I’ve been to or is listed in my dream vacations. And oh, it’s still active up to now. (Improving!!!) CHOZ. I named it “my wtvs.” (a name most appropriate for my dumpsite). I’ll do my best to post articles here for Techie Tuesdays, Wandering Wednesdays, and Thingamajig Thursdays. You can find this blog here: SHOOT! Disclaimer: this is not my first and only tumblr account but this is the only tumblr account I am using right now. ;)

My second blog is called “Q for Cucumber”. I changed its name after deciding to use its old name “Quintessential Q” for my other blog. This is not my first and only WordPress blog but right now this is the only WordPress blog I’m using and updating. It started just this month when I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki and got extremely inspired that I was able to write a decent article about financial literacy. The purpose of this blog is to raise financial awareness among people who hasn’t realized the value of money and how to multiply it instead of just spending for commercial products and food, paying debts and bills, saving and even to just get by until the next pay day. This blog also serves as an online self-help and motivational tool for people who has ideas but has never decided to put those ideas to something feasible. Here, I will feature entrepreneurs and their success stories, write about money-making ideas, and other inspirational thoughts. Since the name sounds yummy and refreshing (‘cucumber’), I decided to add a little refresher to it and I hope people who landed on my page for this purpose would read something about money matters too. :p Ye, my food reviews would fall under this site as “food” is defined as “any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body” and therefore matches my tag line, “Health and Wealth”. You can check this blog at …I’ll be updating and posting something new to this blog every Spotlight Saturdays and Savory Sundays when I’m free and inspired (fingers crossed). :p 

The last blog I just started last week (and accidentally signed up for because I wanted to learn about Google AdSense) is about the most common subject we could ever imagine in blogosphere—beauty and fashion. HOORAY!! (at least now you realize I’m a girl) :p To make the common even more common, I’d be posting beauty articles, make-up reviews, services and some fashion articles. But ‘common’ doesn’t mean I’m no different from all the beauty and fashion bloggers. Of course I have my own opinion too that are not biased, honest and read-worthy. I’ll be making tambay on this blog called “Quintessential Q” whenever I can every Make-up Mondays and Fashion Fridays, see it here:  

This is another fresh new start for me but I’m hoping to find loyal readers and followers. J LEGGO! xx

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